Program for Theological Education by Extension

Providing evangelical theological education to Arabic-speaking Christians and church leaders
wherever they live in the Arab World for the advancement of God's Kingdom

PTEE People

The General Assembly is the main governing body of PTEE and meets annually. It consists of the representatives of official Members of PTEE and is responsible for determining the administrative and educational policies of PTEE and maintaining its constitution and by-laws.

PTEE Members are denominations, organizations, National Committees, and individuals who are in agreement with the purposes and means of the PTEE, accept the doctrinal basis of PTEE, and pay an annual membership fee. Together their representatives make up the PTEE General Assembly.

PTEE works in each Arab country through National Committees, a committee comprised of men and women from various Evangelical churches in the respective country and involved in marketplace and church ministries. Each National Committee is a member of the PTEE General Assembly. The National Committees oversee facilitators, students, study sites, and class offerings in their respective countries.

Class facilitators are an integral part of the extension program. The facilitator’s primary role is to be a guide to the students in the learning process. Each PTEE qualified facilitator must:

* have a personal experience of the Lord Jesus Christ, a deep understanding of the Word of God
* have experience in local Church ministry
* have a Bachelor’s degree (in any field)
* be recommended by the senior leader of his/her church and PTEE National Committee
* have successfully completed three (3) PTEE courses
* have successfully completed the PTEE facilitator-training workshop

The PTEE Ministry Center Staff support the work of the National Committees, the facilitators, and most importantly, the students through both Academic and Administration efforts.   The staff includes:


Victor Sadek,, Executive Director

The PTEE Board of Directors selected Pastor Victor Sadek to assume the responsibilities of Executive Director replacing Mr. Jiries Habash.  Pastor Victor began his tenure in December 2019.  He brings more than 25 years pastoral experience to his post where he honed his love of God’s Word.  Victor earned his B.A in Biology and Chemistry and is currently in his last year of  doctoral studies.  Hailing from Egypt, Victor served as a pastor in the Evangelical Church of the German Mission in Aswan and has been a representative of PTEE in excess of 10 years serving as the Chair of the Egypt National Committee.  Victor is married to Nahed and they have three adult children, Joseph (Sally), Sarah, and Katia.


PTEE’s Director for Course Development and Field-Testing joined PTEE staff in1990. He served in the development and teaching of PTEE courses since then. Nabil has lived and served in several Middle Eastern countries and brings with him a diversity of cultural and ecclesiological expertise. Nabil has a Master’s degree from Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS). Besides his “office hours” with the PTEE, Nabil has a full schedule of preaching and teaching in various churches and conferences.

Mr. Nabil Abdel Malek, Academic Dean and Director of Course Development

Dr. Rick Weymouth, Director of e-Learning

Rick Weymouth is an academic consultant with the PTEE and the Director of e-Learning. Rick’s responsibilities include curriculum and academic program development, preparation for accreditation renewal, and leading PTEE’s e-Learning team. Hailing from Australia, Rick has served with PTEE since 2005. A New Testament specialist, Rick earned his PhD from Otago University (NZ) with a thesis on “the Christ-Story of Philippians 2:6-11”. 

Don Grant, Director of Communications

A long-time friend of PTEE and many of its staff, Don Grant officially joined their ranks in February 2020 as Director of Communications.  Working primarily from his home in Lookout Mountain, GA, he travels to PTEE’s office in Amman when needed.  In addition to his new responsibilities, he continues to publish newsletters for other like-minded ministries.  He earned his Master of Divinity in 1987 and has had various opportunities to fill pulpits, and teach classes.  Don is married to Jo and they have two daughters, Linda (Hank) and Jennifer (John), and five grandchildren.

has been with PTEE since 2001. He keeps the office in good spirits with his friendly smile and willingness to help with any task. Haroun is responsible for coordinating much of what happens in the office.

Mr. Haroun Hanein

Pastor Lo’ay Jawabreh, Course Developer and Editor

Lo’ay joined PTEE in 2017 and his responsibilities include editing and proofreading previously developed courses , adding course references to the curriculum, and developing a new format for PTEE self-study books.

Lo’ay is part-time the pastor of Church of the Nazarene in Jabal Amman (Jordan) and teaches theology with Arabic Nazarene Bible College (ANBC).  He received his Masters in Divinity from Jordan Evangelical Theology Seminary (JETS).


Farid joined PTEE in 2013 after many years serving as an accountant.  As the registrar, he is responsible for student registration, student transcripts, and issuing certificates and diplomas.  He also oversees the 7000 volume library housed in the Ministry Center.  Farid has a BA in accounting from the University of Jordan.

Mr. Farid Hashweh, registrar/librarian

PTEE e-Learning Team

Mrs. Shereen Karadsheh, online course developer and course writer

Shereen joined PTEE in 2017 as part of PTEE’s e-Learning initiative.  As an online course developer and curriculum specialist, she is responsible for adapting and upgrading existing e-courses according to PTEE educational methodology.  Shereen holds a Masters in Christian Education from Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary and a diploma in Information and Communication Technology from Yarmouk University.

Sallam joined PTEE in 2017 as part of PTEE’s e-Learning initiative.  Sallam is responsible for converting print-media PTEE courses to Moodle online platform.  A PTEE student himself, Sallam earned his Master in Biblical Studies from Biblical Theological Seminary.  Sallam is currently head of the Jordan National Committee and serves as a PTEE facilitator.  

Mr. Sallam Jerisat, online course Creator

Mr. Issa Tannous, online course developer/theologian

Issa Tannous joined PTEE in 2017 as part of PTEE’s e-Learning initiative.  As an online course developer and resident theologian, he is responsible for adapting and upgrading existing e-courses according to PTEE educational methodology.  Issa holds a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary.  Issa has also translated many Christian and theological books, and select courses from English to Arabic.

Mr. Ramzi Jildeh, Network Administrator and IT consultant