Program for Theological Education by Extension

Providing evangelical theological education to Arabic-speaking Christians and church leaders
wherever they live in the Arab World for the advancement of God's Kingdom

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World events have resulted in unprecedented openness to the Gospel in parts of the Arab World. Never before has there been so great an opportunity and need for Biblically-trained, indigenous Arab Christian leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in the unreached Arab World.

PTEE exists to meet this need! Through our on-location and online classes, PTEE is answering the call for Arabic-language theological education in the Arab World.

PTEE is dependent on God’s faithful provision through His people. By joining others who financially invest in the work of PTEE, you stand with our Arab brothers and sisters as they reach their communities, build and strengthen their local churches, and advance God’s Kingdom in their part of the world

$23 a month sponsors a PTEE student


Invest with single or “where most needed” gifts that will be used for student support and various PTEE projects

In the United States, PTEE partners with WorldVenture to provide tax deductible benefits.

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