Program for Theological Education by Extension

Providing evangelical theological education to Arabic-speaking Christians and church leaders
wherever they live in the Arab World for the advancement of God's Kingdom

PTEE e-Learning

PTEE is offering classes on-line!     

Contact  to learn about upcoming classes.

Earn your Certificate of Theology , Diploma of Theology, and Bachelor of Theology fully on-line with PTEE.

Why study on-line with PTEE?  

PTEE has carefully chosen an on-line platform that has adequate long-term support for the Arabic language.

A hallmark of PTEE is the field-tested, high-quality, interactive, engaging self-study course materials which serve as the main teaching tool.  Now on-line, these same courses are not simply videos of lectures presented to you, but rather, we offer courses with multi-media enhancement that are highly interactive, engage you in the learning process, and result in greater understanding and retention of material.

You will be able to earn a university-level Bachelor of Theology degree fully on-line without a residency requirement at a seminary/university in a different city or country.  As with PTEE’s Education by Extension educational methodology, you study where they live, work, and serve.

You will have greater flexibility to progress through PTEE’s academic programs at a faster rate, and to choose classes of greater personal and ministry need and interest.

On-line courses allow subject experts from the region and beyond to join on-line discussions

Now students from different countries and even different cities in their own country can now connect to share their respective experiences, creating a greater sense of community among the Christians in the Arab World.  Online discussion forums enable everyone to contribute.  You can ‘hear’ each other’s thoughts and comments by reading what your classmates have written in the required online question discussions.

How do PTEE on-line classes work?

Each on-line class is 12-weeks:  introduction week, 10 weeks of study, final exam.  Each week, you will read the assigned material, answer questions about the reading, participate in the on-line discussion facilitated by the course facilitator, and take an on-line quiz.  Students are required to complete each week’s assignment on the due date.  Students have a limited number of days to complete each week’s assignment:  each on-line assignment is open for a limited number of days.  The course facilitator provides feedback on student assignments and is available for academic and technical support.

Each course comes with a Student Guide that provide all the required details needed for the course.  Also, a guide for using Moodle (the platform used for the online courses) is provided with the course and will help you with any struggles you might encounter.

Students need a computer, an active email address, good internet connection, and basic computer skills.  We are here to help and guide you through the on-line learning process and will provide Moodle tutorials as needed.

How do I apply for on-line classes?

  1. New students must complete and submit the PTEE Student Registration Form. Returning students must complete and submit the PTEE Registration form.
  1. Your pastor or a church leader must complete and submit the Pastor Recommendation Form.
  1. New students must provide the PTEE with a copy of his/her ID (passport) and the highest educational certificate (high school or university).
  1. Students must pay the course registration fee using PayPal.
  1. Students will then receive a user name and log-in password for the PTEE e-Learning site.

For more information about e-Learning, contact

Updates about the e-Learning project can be found on the website and on ‘The Program for Theological Education by Extension’ Facebook page