Program for Theological Education by Extension

Providing evangelical theological education to Arabic-speaking Christians and church leaders
wherever they live in the Arab World for the advancement of God's Kingdom


new course facilitators complete training

PTEE’s learning facilitators play a central role in expanding PTEE’s program in local areas throughout the Arab World. The facilitator’s role is to lead a discussion of the material studied, help the group to answer each other’s questions, and to help students apply what has been learned within the ministry context of each person. He or she also has a pastoral role.


Facilitator Qualifications

Prospective facilitators must:

  1. have a personal experience of the Lord Jesus Christ and a deep understanding of the Word of God;
  2. have a Bachelor’s degree in any field;
  3. have experience in local Church ministry;
  4. be recommended by the main pastor or senior leader of the facilitator’s church;
  5. be recommended by a member of the PTEE national or local committee;
  6. have successfully completed three (3) PTEE courses;
  7. believe that the methods of the PTEE are good methods and can be of great benefit to the Church and society;
  8. attend and successfully complete a facilitator-training workshop. The Facilitator-training workshop is a two (2) day workshop. A certificate of completion is given to all those who successfully complete the workshop and (a) agree to serve as a facilitator in a class, and (b) are willing to submit to the administrative procedures of the PTEE, as detailed in the facilitator-training manual.

Want to become a PTEE Facilitator?

PTEE welcomes those who would like to become a facilitator with the Program. Contact another facilitator, a PTEE member, National Committee, your country Dean, or the PTEE Ministry Center.

Want to find a PTEE Facilitator?

Contact the Dean in your country, the National Committee, or the PTEE Ministry Center. If there is not yet a facilitator in your local area, then perhaps you might become one!