Future Program Plans

Master of Arts in Theology (by extension study) is in the early planning stages. This will be aimed at helping active leaders to enhance and develop their ministry and leadership abilities.

Master of Arts in Theology Overview

The MA in Theology degree is designed to help students identify, clarify and amplify their unique leadership and service roles in the various communities in which they serve. It is intended to be a 42 credit-hour degree.

The PTEE Master’s degree is designed for bi-vocational leaders, who make up the greater part of the PTEE community. Bi-vocational leaders have dual callings to local church ministry and to the marketplace. In fulfilling their callings, they contribute to making Christ known in their families, churches, communities and workplaces.

Courses will integrate biblical, theological and ministry development studies with the challenges of living bi-vocationally. Research and reflection will be spread throughout the curriculum.

PTEE will seek recognition for the Master’s degree in cooperation with other institutions and regional accrediting agencies.

Entrance Requirements

The program will be open to both men and women serving in churches and other ministries.
As for pre-requisites, a PTEE BTh degree or equivalent is required.

A Bachelor’s degree in another field would require at least 24 credit-hours of Bible, Theology, Ministry and Society courses to be taken prior to acceptance into the Master’s program. (The precise requirements are presently under study.)

Students should be fluent readers of Arabic and English for research purposes. If the mother-tongue is different from either of these languages, the student should seek to cultivate a third language for use in research.

The MA of Theology Curriculum (approved by the General Assembly of PTEE  in its Annual Meeting held in Amman 28-30 October 2014):

Required of all Students:

Foundation                                   credit hrs

Hermeneutics        3

Leadership              3

History of Doctrine-3

Research Course –    3

Arabic Culture (emphasis on Christian contribution) – 3

Three Concentrations (Choose one)

Prerequisite: 1course in Biblical Hebrew

Biblical studies – OT:  1) OT Book 1 3

                                       2) O T Book 2 3

                                       3) O T Hebrew 3

                                      4) Biblical (or OT) Theology 3

Prerequiste: 1course in Biblical NT Greek

Biblical studies – NT:   1) NT Book 1 3

                                        2) NT Book 2 3

                                        3) NT Greek 3

                                       4) Biblical (or NT) Theology 3

Christian Ministry       1) Building The Church 3

  2) Christian Education 3

  3) Christian Counseling 3

  4) Worldwide Ministry 3

Two Electives:            Each from another concentration and-or

                                      Understanding Islam

Total required              13 courses required for graduation = 39hrs

                                       5 Foundational required courses

                                       4 in one concentration

                                       2 electives

                                      2 further electives or a thesis.

Ministry Courses Overview

In addition, a further courses of Ministry is being developed specifically for adults who have not completed their secondary education, and disciplining the beginners in their Christian life.

These Courses of Ministry program is currently under development and is not yet availabl, but we have eight of them are ready to be used. It is intended to provide some basic biblical and ministry training for Arabic-speaking Christian adults who are not in a position to enroll directly in degree-level studies, but who want to develop in their faith, their Christian service and their educational skills. Most of these students would not have completed their secondary education.

The Courses of Ministry are expected to be many courses, and aims to equip the student in two areas:

(1) to serve effectively in a range of ministries in his/her family, church and community;

(2) to contribute as a responsible citizen in his/her workplace, society and nation.

The available courses are:

1) Abundant Life

2) Abundant Light

3) Life of Christ 1

4) Life of Christ 2

5) Life of Christ 3

6) Life of Christ 4

7) Life of Christ  5

8) Life of Christ 6