The course Poverty and Community Development is currently being field-tested by our first-online class!

Coming in 2018!

PTEE’s Certificate of Theology (40 hours), Diploma of Theology (80 hours), and Bachelor of Theology (120 hours) accredited academic programs will be fully accessible on-line.

Why study on-line with PTEE? 

  1. PTEE has carefully chosen an on-line platform that has adequate long-term support for the Arabic language.
  2. A hallmark of PTEE is the field-tested, high-quality, interactive, engaging self-study printed course materials which serve as the main teaching tool.  Now on-line, these same courses are not simply videos of lectures presented to a student, but rather, courses with multi-media enhancement that are highly interactive, engaging the student in the learning process, resulting in greater understanding and retention of material.
  3. Students will be able to earn a university-level Bachelor of Theology degree fully on-line without a residency requirement at a seminary/university in a different city or country.  As with our by-extension educational methodology, students study where they live, work, and serve.
  4. Students will have greater flexibility to progress through PTEE’s academic programs at a faster rate, and to choose classes of greater personal and ministry need and interest
  5. On-line courses allows subject experts from the region and beyond to join on-line discussions
  6. Students from different countries and even different cities in their own country can now connect to share their respective experiences, creating a greater sense of awareness and solidarity among the Christian minority living in the Arab World.

Updates about the e-Learning project can be found on the website and on ‘The Program for Theological Education by Extension’ Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/PTEE.org