Course Outlines

Following is a complete list of PTEE’s Bachelor of Theology courses, which may be credited towards the Certificate and Diploma of Theology as well. The BTh courses below have been arranged according to PTEE’s four major curricular divisions. All courses are at a university (degree) level of study.

Bachelor of Theology Courses
Division I – The Christian and His/Her Spiritual Life 
1.      Christian Life
2.     Christian Ethics (First Week Available for Download)
3.     Christian Stewardship (First Week Available for Download)

Division II – The Christian and His/Her Bible
4.     Principles for Understanding the Bible Today
5.     Old Testament Survey – I
6.     Old Testament Survey – II
7.     Studies in the Book of Genesis (First Week Available for Download)
8.     Inductive Study in the Book of Jeremiah (First Week Available for Download)
9.     New Testament Survey – I
10.   New Testament Survey – II
11.    Christ and His Work
12.   Inductive Study in the Mark’s Gospel
13.   Studies in the Book of Acts (First Week Available for Download)
14.   Studies in the Book of Romans (First Week Available for Download)
15.   Studies in the Pastoral Epistles
16.   Studies in the Book of Hebrews
17.   Basic Christian Doctrine – I
18.   Basic Christian Doctrine – II
19.   Basic Christian Doctrine – III
20.  Introduction to the Greek of the New Testament

Division III – The Christian and His/Her Skills
21.  The Art of Preaching – I
22.  The Art of Preaching – II
23.  The Art of Communication (First Week Available for Download)
24.  The Art of Teaching
25.  Pastoral Care
26.  Christian Counseling
27.  Christian Education
28.  Christian Discipleship
29.  Leadership in the Church and the Training of Leaders (Currently being field tested)
30.  House Groups
31.  Development of World Christianity
32.  Church Growth
40.  Study Skills & Research Methods (* Not yet available)

Division IV – The Christian and His/Her Society
33.  Christian Family
34.  Understanding the Basic Principles of Religions (* In initial stages of field testing)
35.  Church History – I
36.  Church History – II
37.  Social Ethics
38.  Arabic Language (* Not yet available)
39.  Christian Peacemaking