PTEE Program

The PTEE academic program currently consists of three academic awards. PTEE’s courses are intended for Arabic-speaking students, and thus all study materials are provided in the Arabic language.

All three current awards are accredited, university-degree-level courses, aimed at enhancing the ministries of leaders and emerging leaders in various aspects of church and community life. The three awards are:

*   Certificate of Theology (CertTh) 
(40 credits, consisting of 12 three-credit courses and 4 credit units of supervised practical ministry)
*   Diploma of Theology (DipTh)
(80 credits, consisting of 24 three-credit courses and 8 credit units of supervised practical ministry)
*   Bachelor of Theology (BTh)
(120 credits, consisting of 36 three-credit courses and 12 credit units of supervised practical ministry; or 90 credits, for those who already have another Bachelor’s degree, consisting of 27 three-credit courses and 9 credit units of practical ministry)

Many choose to work toward one of these academic awards. However, students are welcome to take any courses of interest that are offered in their local area, whether or not they are working towards one of these awards.

The awards are granted sequentially as students successfully complete the right number of courses and practical ministry units. Thus, the CertTh and DipTh are awarded as accomplishment milestones on the way to completing a BTh (as the diagram below illustrates). Since PTEE courses are often taken over a period of many years, this provides achievement recognition, encouragement and motivation for our students. A student completing one award automatically moves on toward the goal of the next highest award.

40 credits
=> Certificate of Theology
+40 credits
=> Diploma of Theology
+40 credits
=> Bachelor of Theology

It is important to note, though, that all courses are degree-level (or BTh) courses, even if a student is only working towards a Certificate or Diploma. Thirty-seven of the BTh courses have been written, and a further seven are planned or currently in progress.

Accreditation of Degrees
PTEE’s three current awards (CertTh; DipTh; and BTh) are each accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA) and by the Middle East Association for Theological Education (MEATE).

Future Award Plans
Master of Arts in Theology (by extension study) is in the early planning stages. This will be aimed at helping active leaders to enhance and develop their ministry and leadership abilities.

In addition, a further 12-course Certificate of Ministry is offered in order to train leaders and believers who do not have a high-school degree.