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Students pay a nominal registration fee which does not cover the actual costs of operating and administering classes.  Student Support funds subsidize the expenses incurred to maintain our base operating budget in order to deliver PTEE courses across the Arab World.

PTEE facilitators are critical to the expansion of PTEE, yet the 90 hours per 12-week course voluntary time commitment is becoming financially prohibitive for many.  PTEE seeks to invest financially in facilitators so as to encourage a greater number of facilitators to receive training and lead more classes. This financial investment will increase the small pool of active, qualified facilitators in each country who can offer more classes in each country on an annual basis.

 To increase program accessibility and flexibility so to reach a greater number of students, PTEE employs an e-Learning team who is formatting 40 PTEE courses into online multi-media courses, and adapting and extending 10-12 other courses to suit PTEE’s curriculum.  Support funds salaries and training of our team and on-line course facilitators.

PTEE e-Learning team

PTEE works in each Arab country through a National Committee comprised of men and women from various Evangelical churches involved in marketplace and church ministries. The National Committee oversees facilitators, students, study sites, and class offerings in their individual country.  Training and infrastructure support strengthens existing national committees and will help to establish new committees in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria.

After 30 years of renting, PTEE purchased a building in Amman, Jordan in 2012.  Renovations for PTEE offices were completed.  Renovation of the ground floor office space and rental apartment units remain unfinished.

Ministry Center in Amman, Jordan

PTEE has produced a course on basic understandings of Islam, the Majority religion in the Arab World.  Developed in English, PTEE must hire an outside contractor to translate the course into Arabic for use by our students.