How to Register

When a class is being offered in an area, PTEE advertises through the local evangelical churches.Typically, the class schedule, location, times, the name of the facilitator and his/her phone number are displayed in the churches.

Returning students should contact the class facilitator or the church where the class is being held.  Students must complete and submit a Student Registration Form.

Prospective students must complete the following:

Inform his or her pastor/church leader of his desire to study with PTEE and give the pastor/church leader a PTEE Student Recommendation Form with an envelope (see Resources for form).  The pastor/church leader should return the completed Recommendation Form to the student in a sealed envelope.

The student completes the Student Registration Form (see Resources).

The student gives the Student Recommendation Form in the sealed envelope and the completed Student Registration Form to the course facilitator two weeks before the start of the class.  The facilitator will pass the forms on to the PTEE Ministry Center.

On occasion, PTEE requests an interview with the student before admission.

The course facilitator will advise the student of his or her acceptance.

Upon acceptance, the student then will pay a basic registration fee and purchase all the books needed for the course(s) he or she wants to study.

Exceptions to this general procedure may sometimes be made in particular circumstances

Establishing a New PTEE Class
If no PTEE class exists in your city or area, PTEE will work with you to help establish a new class. Contact the PTEE Committee and/or Dean in your country for more details, or contact the PTEE Ministry Center in Amman at