How to Register

Mostly PTEE tutors choose which courses they wish to tutor in their local area and they inform their dean of their intentions. The PTEE then advertises on the bulletin boards of most evangelical churches the courses that will be taught in the coming semester. The class schedule, location, times, the name of the tutor and his/her phone number are displayed.

Prospective students are asked initially to inform their pastor of their desire to study a particular course or courses. Pastors or other church leaders must recommend to PTEE those wanting to enroll for studies in that semester.

Deans then pass on the student names to each tutor. (In some cases, remote students may contact the tutor directly.)

We ask the student to bring a recommendation letter from his/her church signed by the pastor or elder who is responsible for following him/her up. Occasionally we ask the student to come for an interview before admission.

Students must fill out a semester enrolment form that includes all the information about their education, ministry, church membership, and family (if married), whether they are intending to study as a regular or casual student, for which award, and whether or not the course is to be taken for credit or audit. They then pay a basic registration fee and purchase all the books needed for the course(s) they want to study.

Exceptions to this general procedure may sometimes be made in particular circumstances.