How It Works

Tutors often take the initiative in offering courses in their local area. They advertise a class in several churches and students register for it. Students may choose courses according to their interests or work systematically toward an academic award, and can take them at a rate that best suits their situation and needs. Typically each course lasts for 12 weeks.

High-quality, culturally relevant, interactive self-study materials are provided and students work through these during the week. They are expected to do approxi­mately 6-8 hours of self-study each week.

However, students are not left on their own; an integral part of the extension program is a weekly two-hour meeting with other students and a PTEE qualified and trained tutor. The tutor’s role is to facilitate discussion of the material studied, help the group to answer each other’s questions and, importantly, to seek to apply what has been learned within the ministry context of each person.

Alongside this, a supervised program of practical ministry provides a focused opportunity to apply knowledge and to develop skills and giftings.