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Ruba’s PTEE Story

“When I was about 15 years old, my father started a course with PTEE and I was helping him in studying.  I liked what he was learning then, and asked if I could attend the course as well…”

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Why study with PTEE?

PTEE provides leadership education on location. There is no need to travel to another city or country to receive training. We bring it to you! On-location courses enable you to remain involved in ministry in your church, workplace or community while you are studying.

PTEE courses are accredited. Students are assured of a high quality theological education. PTEE’s Bachelor of Theory, Diploma of Theology, and Certificate of Theory programs have been accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA) since 2002, and fully accredited through the Middle East Association for Theological Education (MEATE) since 2012.

PTEE makes theological study accessible and enjoyable. Our interactive self-study manuals encourage and motivate you as you study. You want to go on to the next lesson, and you retain the information through active engagement. In addition, your relationship with God will be deepened considerably.

PTEE applies learning to your ministry context. Our weekly group seminars led by qualified PTEE facilitator, not only encourage and enable discussion and reflection on what you have studied during the week, but help you begin to apply your learning to the context of your daily life.  Your learning takes place in the real world!

PTEE combines academic learning with practical ministry. In addition to the overall practical orientation PTEE, select courses include Practical Ministry Experience opportunities for credit through which students can experience direct application of knowledge and theory to a relevant ministry situation.

 PTEE courses are high quality, but very affordable. We charge only the cost of photocopied course materials and a basic registration fee. And students do not have to give up their normal income to study!

PTEE is evangelical and interdenominational. We are committed to serving churches across the region irrespective of denomination, though our theological com­mit­ment is strongly evangelical.

PTEE is committed to training both men and women for ministry. We believe that God calls and gifts both men and women for Christian ministry and therefore, PTEE offers our training to all interested and eligible students.

PTEE is impacting the Arabic-speaking world. By joining current and former PTEE students, you will become part of a movement that is helping to shape the Arabic-speaking world of today … and tomorrow!