PTEE People

One of the unique characteristics of our extension program is the fact that we can never gather all of the participants in our courses at one place and at one time. The PTEE national committees are key for maintaining relationships with tutors and students who take part in the courses offered in their respective countries. The national committees send representatives each year to our annual general assembly, and they know the groups of students and tutors whom we here in the central office have never met and only know by name. These “unseen” participants are the major role players for the PTEE.

We, the staff of the PTEE central office, play a supportive role in the service of those study groups, both near and far. The main two divisions of our work are the following:

a) administration of PTEE, including training, external relationships, student registration, etc. and
b) course development, completing the proposed 39-course curriculum.


Jiries Habash

Jiries Habash
As Executive Director of PTEE, Jiries seeks to make theological education available to people wherever they live. He has served with PTEE for many years as a tutor, as academic dean for Jordan, and as chairman of the PTEE Executive Committee.


Dr. Robert Miner

Dr Robert Miner
As the Director of Graduate Studies, Robert’s main task is, in cooperation with teams of experts, the completion of the curriculum for our MA in Theology. Before joining the PTEE in 1989, Robert studied Psychology (University of Vienna, Austria), Evangelical Theology (MTh, Free Evangelical Theological Academy, Basel, Switzerland), Applied Linguistics (PhD, University of Strasbourg, France), and Arabic (University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan).

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Nabil Abdel Malek

Nabil Abdel Malek
Our Director for Curricular Development and Field-Testing, had served in the development and the teaching of PTEE courses for many years before joining the staff in 1990. Having lived and served in several countries of the Middle East he brings with him a diversity of cultural and ecclesiological expertise. Nabil has a Masters degree from Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. Besides his “office hours” with the PTEE, Nabil has a full schedule of preaching and teaching in different churches and conferences.


Rita Hashweh

Rita Zakkah Hashweh
Rita has been with the PTEE for many years and has helped to grow and expand the program.  Her current responsibilities include accounting and conference management.


Rick Weymouth

Rick Weymouth
Rick Weymouth is an academic consultant with the PTEE. Hailing from Australia, but having studied theology in New Zealand, Rick helps the program in curriculum and academic development, preparation for accreditation renewal, development of e-learning, and writing a course in study skills and research methods. A New Testament specialist, Rick is presently writing a PhD thesis for Otago University (NZ) on the topic: Dying and Rising with Christ: Paul’s Story as Chistian Exemplar and Gospel Paradigm.


Haroun Hanein

Haroun Hanein has been with PTEE since 2001. He keeps the office in good spirits with his friendly smile and willingness to help with any task. Haroun is responsible for coordinating much of what happens in the office.


Rev. Vernon Wilkins

Revd Vernon Wilkins
Vernon is a British church pastor who came to join us as a volunteer in early 2012, to assist within the curriculum development department. He has a particular interest in and experience in helping church leaders to teach the Bible well and faithfully.

Farid Hashweh
Farid recently joined in working at the PTEE office. He has a BA in accounting from the University of Jordan. He works in the office as registrar and librarian.

Matthew Wickman
Matthew is currently writing a BTh course on other religions, and he also serves as our Director of Communications.

Other Staff
Please keep in mind these are only the staff of the PTEE Ministry Center in Amman, Jordan. Not included, but very much involved, are the officers and members of the executive committee, general assembly, as well as representatives, co-workers and tutors in different countries. These present the real “face” of the PTEE on the field and are much appreciated for their dedication and commitment.

Academic Personnel

Curriculum Development Coordinator, Mr Nabil Labib Abdl Malak

MA Program Director, Dr Robert Miner

Academic Research Associate, Mr Rick Weymouth

Academic Development Committee
Mr Nabil Labib Abdl Malak
Mr Rick Weymouth

Administrative and Support Personnel
Accountant, Mrs Rita Hashweh

Office Technician, Mr Haroun Fakhery

PTEE Deans
Jordan           Mr Nabil Abdel Malek

Egypt              Rev Victor Makram Sadiq

Jordan           Salaam Jraisaat

Syria              Rev Mouner Ajji

Lebanon       Rev Joseph Milan

Iraq                Mr Muthafar Naser Yacob

Egypt              Rev Safwat Musa Kamil

Sweden          Mrs Muna Dahl

USA                Mr Emil Ayoub

Australia      Magda Ackad

Tutors are PTEE’s learning facilitators and play a central role in expanding PTEE’s program in local areas throughout the Arabic-speaking world. PTEE tutors serve in voluntary capacities. It is not possible to list them all here.