Director’s Welcome

PTEE Executive Director, Jiries Habash

Believers everywhere and in every church tradition seek to find in the Bible words of help, hope and instruction for daily life. We deeply desire to understand the Bible and its message because we know it comes from the mind of God. “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).

We are grateful for the work done by our mothers and fathers in the faith who have preserved the biblical text in its purity. For centuries the clerical and monastic traditions of the ancient churches have worked to protect and interpret the Bible.

We view this long line of sisters and brothers as friends. Because of their efforts, we are able to read the Bible for ourselves and in our own languages.

In the Program for Theological Education by Extension, we seek to help church members grow in their understanding of the Bible. With the ancient churches we understand that Christ is the focus of the Bible. And with the believers from all generations, we seek to make Christ known. We humbly try to apply what we are learning in our homes and communities. As a student or tutor or friend of the PTEE, you are joining this tradition of cooperative biblical learning. We hope that your months and years of study with us will help you grow in your understanding of God and of what He wills to do in our world through you and believers everywhere.

PTEE Staff in Front of New Building

PTEE Staff in Front of New Building

Jiries Habash
PTEE Executive Director

PTEE’s three current awards (CertTh, DipTh, and BTh) are accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA) and the Middle East Association for Theological Education (MEATE).

The PTEE is a cooperative effort of several evangelical denominations and is registered as a ministry of the Evangelical Free Church in Jordan.