Core Values

We in the PTEE, as cooperating evangelicals, have identified seven different core values that we will embrace in our pursuit of excellence. These values are:

Holistic: Transforming all aspects of personal and corporate life under the Lordship of Christ.

Local Church Related: Emerging from churches and enabling them to serve in the Arab world.

Society Focused: Engaging in societal renewal through integrating biblical learning so that righteousness, justice and reconciliation prevail.

Servanthood: Following the Lord Jesus in His incarnation and modeling of servant leadership.

Teamwork: Adopting an attitude of listening, sharing, edifying, debating and submitting in resolving issues and accomplishing goals.

Accessibility: Providing excellent and affordable theological education to students wherever they live in the Arab World, as well as recognizing and respecting the specific cultural contexts from which they come.

Integration of Learning and Ministry: Training in ministry context to assure educational appropriateness.