Art of Teaching Course Description

By the end of this course the student should be able to:
(i)     List the nine stages of the cycle of learning, and mention the goal and the main contents of the learning ministry in his/her church, and list the characteristics and needs of students according to their age stages, considering all ages but especially youth,
(ii)    Suggest methods to bring Christian Education to the areas or fields which affect people more strongly,
(iii)   Explain the importance of the four dimensions of learning showing the internal relationship between them, explain the relationship between the learning levels: cognitive learning, affectional learning, and behavioral learning, and design questions for every stage,
(iv)   Show understanding of the development stages suggested by the important psychologists, including their importance for Christian Education,
(v)    Explain the reason why a curriculum which is built on felt needs makes the process of Christian maturation easier, develop a curriculum based on the felt needs of the student’s group for three months, and evaluate ready made curricula,
(vi)   Mention four stages of the “psychological order” of lessons, “Hook, Book, Look, Took”, and develop lessons based on them, demonstrating the effect of the hidden and the null curricula on all these, and describe methods for excellence and creativity in the teaching ministry.

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