Studies in the Book of Acts Course Description

By the end of this course the student should be able to:
(i)     State the general outline of the Book of Acts, write a title for each chapter, describe the main subjects and the general structure of the book, and describe in detail individual characters within the text,
(ii)    Explain why the Book of Acts plays a main role in the whole Bible,
(iii)   Describe at least eight specific methods which demonstrate a movement of centrifugal force in the life of the early church,
(iv)   Give at least four examples that show the continuity of the ministry of Jesus in the life of the early church,
(v)    Mention the three most important factors that led to the growth of the early church,
(vi)   Describe the essential elements of Peter’s and Paul’s evangelistic preaching,
(vii)  Narrate in detail Paul’s conversion, and give an outline of the life of at least two other early Christian characters,
(viii) Summarize thirteen different mission principles found in the book of Acts, and apply them to contemporary situations, and
(ix)   State the principles for N.T. church growth, and apply them to contemporary situations.

Sample the First Week of This Course

Week 1 Day 1 Week 1 Day 2 Week 1 Day 3 Week 1 Day 4

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