Old Testament Survey – I Course Description

By the end of this course the student should be able to:

(i) State the significance of God’s covenant in the Old Testament from Biblical, historical, geographical and theological perspectives from Genesis to the end of the united kingdom (reign of Solomon),
(ii) Develop a ministry resource notebook containing a title for each chapter in each book of the first thirteen books of the Old Testament so that he or she can think through the theme of the book according to what they know about the history, geography and life events of the Biblical personalities,
(iii) Shape the insights of Schultz and Grieve (course textbooks) into a comprehensive understanding of the first thirteen books of the Old Testament,
(iv) Link the historical and geographical situations of the context to a clear theological understanding of the text,
(v) Prepare a time line in order to synchronize the timing of Biblical events with the chronologies of Egyptian, Palestinian and Mesopotamian civilizations and
(vi) Discuss the Old Testament covenants and their relationship to the covenant of God with humankind through Jesus Christ in the New Testament through studying secular historical information on covenants in ancient civilization.

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