Church History I

Church History – I Course Description

By the end of this course the student should be able to:
(i)     Present a general survey of Church History from its beginnings to the European Reformation (5 BC to AD 1517) that focuses especially on the origin, nature, purpose, organization, teaching, doctrine, literature, problems and progress of the Church,
(ii)    Narrate the dates, places and events of key characters, and demonstrate how to use maps for locating important places,
(iii)   Present a detailed chart of Church History from the Day of Pentecost in AD 33 to the beginning of the European Reformation of the Church in AD 1517, and include in the chart persons, dates, events, and important places
(iv)   Explain the development of the Church and the Church’s relationship to social, cultural and political struggles and the affect of Christianity on societies,
(v)    Generalize lessons from church history that accurately explain the historical data, and
(vi)   Compare what has been learned in Church History with the particular history and situation of his/her church today and suggest what might be done in his or her situation.