Church Growth

Church Growth Course Description

By the end of this course the student should be able to:
(i)     List three principals for church growth and how to evaluate their use,
(ii)    Explain the common basis between harvest theology and search theology,
(iii)   Explain the importance of needing to know about the growth of the church in precise terms,
(iv)   Name and define the three dimensions of church growth (numerical growth, quality growth and biological growth), and explain the relationships that link these three dimensions internally,
(v)    Clarify how to examine a church’s growth,
(vi)   List the motivations of renewal (that encourages a person to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior), and define revival and the likely factors necessary to see revival happen,
(vii)  Explain the mass movement (people movement) approach for accepting Christian faith and its characteristics, and define its meaning based on anthropology as a whole.