Christ and His Work Course Description

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:
(i)     Explain the significance of Jesus Christ’s relationship to God, man, the church, doing God’s will, world history; the expression “Jesus is Lord”; and state the impact of these relationships on His resurrection,
(ii)    Clarify the relationship between the miracles of Jesus and the laws of nature, and describe the impact of this relationship on our understanding of the Kingdom of God and peace of God, including pre-, post- and a-millennial concepts,
(iii)   Apply situations found in Jesus Christ’s day to situations found in his or her life today,
(iv)   Discuss what Jesus did on issues like social equality, resisting the Roman occupation and his interaction with the poor,
(v)    Describe how Christ’s suffering becomes our suffering, how the picture of suffering is included in the names Son of Man and Suffering Servant, the four meanings for his death mentioned in the Last Supper, and our solidarity with Christ in two events of His life, and
(vi)   Articulate how the cross was the judgment of God for our sins and explain the salvation of Christ and its relationship to the Holy Spirit, God the Father and the complete liberation the salvation of Christ produces.

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