Basic Christian Doctrine – I Course Description

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:
(i)     Define the major theological terms used in the course,
(ii)    Discuss the biblical truths and major issues related to the creation, God, the Godhead, the Trinity, His personality, the inspiration, nature and canonicity of the Bible, miracles and prayer, righteous and evil Angels,
(iii)   Identify the major biblical content of the subjects dealt with and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of liberal, atheist, and traditional ideas concerning them, so as to refute ideas and theories which do not agree with the word of God,
(iv)   Express biblically his/her own beliefs on the topics covered and so begin to develop his/her own systematic theology,
(v)    Explain the importance of studying Systematic Theology for spiritual growth and enlightenment, and its effect on the life of people in ministry, and
(vi)   Practically apply the theology studied to his/her own life, relationships, ministries in the church and the society, and be able to use it to teach others.

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