Feb 11th

Ruba’s PTEE Story

Ruba is married, the mother of 3 girls, and lives in Yadudeh, about 10 miles from the center of Amman, Jordan.  A few years ago she and her husband planted a church in Yadudeh.  Ruba enjoys her job teaching Christian Education in a private school near her home.  She takes pleasure in reading, studying, and being active in children’s ministry at her church.  In 1989, Ruba became a believer at Camp Gilead and started her walk with the Lord. This is her story with the PTEE.

“When I was about 15 years old, my father started a course with PTEE and I was helping him in studying.  I liked what he was learning then, and asked if I could attend the course as well.  I started going to the classes, learned, and took the exam. I even got better grades than my father!  Since then, I started taking one course at a time and now I have finished 8 courses with PTEE and am doing my 9th course and planning to take another. I just can’t get enough of the materials we learn and the benefits of taking these courses.

“I finished college majoring in sociology and started looking for jobs in local schools and organizations, but found none. I became a bit nervous and asked the Lord to provide a way. So, one day I went to a school near my house and asked for any opening as a school counselor, but they said that there weren’t such positions at that time. They did ask me however, to be a Christian Education teacher for the kids in school.  The only way they would accept me as a teacher of religion was if I had certificates saying I was qualified.

“I contacted the PTEE office for help. The PTEE office was delighted to assist and issued me transcripts with the courses I took and what they were.  The transcript was accepted by the school and the Lord blessed me by opening the door to teach Christian Education at that school.

“There are also many other ways that the courses I took with PTEE have impacted my personal life. As a teacher of Christian Education, the courses gave me a better understanding of Christianity and Christian Theology. When the kids at school start asking me about their beliefs and church history, I feel comfortable now and can answer their questions. I even keep a PTEE book with me to refer to when needed while teaching my classes. Personally, I believe I have grown deeper and stronger in my faith because of what I’ve learned through PTEE courses.

“I would love to continue studying with the program and while I’m studying I would like also to get involved and become a tutor as well, where I can start a home women’s group or at our local church.  This will make my studies easier and allow me to give and share these lessons and courses with others and encourage them to study with PTEE as well.  I believe the courses are developed in a way that anyone, even a 15-year-old kid, can study and it still be interesting to them.  I encourage everyone and anyone who wants to serve the Lord better to learn and take courses with PTEE.”

When asked about prayers and needs, Ruba paused in thought and then said:

“My prayer will continue to be to ask the Lord Jesus Christ for an abundant blessing and an overflow of people like you who are willing to give back freely to the Lord’s ministry.  This way you will be able to help out many who are in the same situation in this part of the world to know and understand the Lord’s mercy. I pray that the PTEE will grow to meet the needs of people of the Arab world.  I will ask the Lord Jesus that He may give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

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